IT System &

Website Development

Comprehensive IT and website solution for your wildest creativity

Hosting | Domain Name| UI Design | Function Development

IT system Development

Develop information system customized to your company’s specific requirement, such as comprehensive E-commerce platform, online booking and registration system, and hotel management system.

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Comprehensive One-Stop Website Solution

Comprehensive one-step website development service, includes website domain and hosting, customized UI design and functional development, basic SEO and maintenance.

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RWD Design
(Responsive Web Design)

3-in-1 RWD website Design is the latest and most adopted website format today, which automatically adjusts it interface to different devices. One single website can serve all the devices including desktop, mobile, and tablet, providing superior user experience while improving website’s SEO and enjoying
better ranking on major search engines such as Google and Yahoo, as the algorithms now favors RWD format among others.

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Web Server Hosting &
Domain Name

Our two data centers, one in Los Angeles and the other in Hong Kong, provide first-class hosting service for your local and oversea businesses. Our information technology expert will communicate with you through every detail to select the most suitable hosting configuration.

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Customized UI Design

A one-of-the-kind, fully customized website design is always the best way to stand out. Our website UI designer will communicate closely with you and carry out your ideas in a rigorous process in multiple steps, from sitemap, wireframes, mock-ups to website prototype.

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(Search Engine Optimization)

It’s vital to make your website more accessible through search engines once it’s completed. Therefore, our website development also includes a complimentary fundamental SEO setting to help you improve your presence on the Internet.

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Introductory Videos

Upgrade your brand image with a professional company video. Our provides video editing service, which helps you edit your short company introductory video and upload to the website.