Completion of Phase 3A Data Centre at CTT

CITIC Telecom Tower (CTT) phase 3A data centre construction project has been completed and the opening ceremony was held on 6 September 2018. Mr. Xin Yue Jiang, Chairman of CITIC Telecom International, and Cheng Fei, representative of Huawei Hong Kong attended the ceremony.

‘Data centre development is one of our key strategies. We wish to work closely with our partners and internal departments to achieve the goal of growing in strength, quality and scale,’ says Xin in the ceremony.

Cheng Fei, representative from Huawei Hong Kong said that, the big data era has come and we need to cater market needs. the strategic direction of CITIC Telecom and Huawei is the same. He wishes that both companies could strength coopertaion for better development.

To accommodate market demand, more phases of CTT data centre construction project would continue. And after full renovation, CTT could provide over 4000 racks, thus becoming the laregst data centre in a self-owned property in western Hong Kong.